Leadership Coaching Through the Giving Framework: How Can I Sustainably Invest Myself in My Work as a Leader?

Ce cas pédagogique en anglais, co-écrit par Benjamin Pavageau, mêle analyse du développement du leadership par le don et application par le coaching

Judith is the Human Resources (HR) Director and member of the Executive Committee at ABC INDUSTRY, a growing industrial cleaning company in France. She started her career working in a very competitive environment where survival was extremely hard. The company went through losses and started redundancy plans. Judith’s desire to create connection among the employees, optimize their potential and achieve their aspirational dreams, was frustrated. The toxic culture was heartless and devoid of any compassion. She was made redundant in a critical period of her life. ABC INDUSTRY, focused on social issues and more in line with her aspirations and values, requires all her energy; she manages to create a happy corporate culture, but the past painful experiences have absorbed all her resilience resources and she feels close to burnout. Today, at the age of 40, she needs to secure her future until retirement: it is important for her to achieve her mission as a people’s Leader and to rediscover the meaning of one’s professional path. She seeks wholeness and fulfillment in life and realizes she does not want to go through unexpected pain again. The coaching should allow her to draw her storyline with vision and purpose, while engaging her entire person at work, in a sustainable manner. This case introduces a new approach to coaching and leadership development based on the Leader Giver framework. According to this framework, the leader is meant to give and engage himself or herself in a common goal, in a sustainable and balanced way, while inspiring others to follow the same pathway. The methodology is playful and interactive, allowing to embrace a variety of scenarios and to develop the imagination. It is designed for coaches (in training or advanced), mentors, leadership professionals and for people wanting to develop leadership skills.

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